Worksite Services and Support

Why partner with us for your work site product and service needs? It’s simple. One call starts our consultative process. From there, we do all of the time consuming research to find the best overall options for your client. Then, we prepare a formal proposal for you, which details the due-diligence involved, our recommendation for the client, and the process for moving forward. Your client will certainly be impressed. But that’s not where it ends…it is simply the beginning. We are also your one-stop for the enrollment and ongoing service of the account. We handle everything, and your client will appreciate you for making it all happen.

We’re here for the long run as well. From year to year, products and carriers may change, but why should your enrollment team? Once you start working with us, there will be no reason to look anywhere else.

Multi-carrier/Plan Quote Process

There are many enrollment options available with Athena Resource as a partner. We are ready to help you design the best group benefit enrollment for your client.

Post Enrollment Service and New Hires

Your client’s on-going service needs will be performed by an inside service team consisting of a Director of Client Service along with Practice Leaders and Service Administrators. These internal specialists are backed up by a field sales and marketing team consisting of Senior VP & Regional VPs and Senior Account Executives.

While your Athena Resource Benefit Coordinator will be your primary point of continuing contact we understand the nature of sales and salespeople…they are not sitting behind a desk! We offer inside points of service to you and your valued client to capture new opportunities and solve challenges quickly and efficiently.

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